In this assignment I learned how to make multiple characters in one picture by using the mass button. I first got all the pictures I wanted in order and then It added a white thumbnail to the side of each character. I Erased and touched up each layer until all of the characters were visible on the picture and it gave the clone effect.

Gang of Ningas

In this assigment I learned how to use a shape and make it into a new one using the direct selection tool. I made four ningas out of the elipse tool, stroke and direct selection tool. Once I duplicated all of the ningas I changed their positions and gave them all weapons. Using star I was able to make different weapons such as a sword or the stars. The other weapons were all made with the eleipse tool and the rectangle tool. I did some color correcting and the ningas were done.


In this assigment I learned how to make a hippo using th epen tool, rectangle tool, oval tool and the curve tool. First I made a head, ears, eyes and mouth all from the oval tool, shaping it the way I wanted. Then I made the arms and used the direct selection tool to curve the arms. I made a box from the rectangle tool and added the word “hippo” when I was done I picked out all the colors I thought would look good and my hippo was finished.

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