Wednesday Update – South Park

So far for my south park character I have made the character using the pen tool and a snip picture of the character for refrence. For the color I used the dropper tool to copy the exact colors from the charater to the pen tool drawing. I am still organizing the parts on the body and making the more difficult details like the glasses.

Gang of Ningas

In this assigment I learned how to use a shape and make it into a new one using the direct selection tool. I made four ningas out of the elipse tool, stroke and direct selection tool. Once I duplicated all of the ningas I changed their positions and gave them all weapons. Using star I was able to make different weapons such as a sword or the stars. The other weapons were all made with the eleipse tool and the rectangle tool. I did some color correcting and the ningas were done.


In this assigment I learned how to make a hippo using th epen tool, rectangle tool, oval tool and the curve tool. First I made a head, ears, eyes and mouth all from the oval tool, shaping it the way I wanted. Then I made the arms and used the direct selection tool to curve the arms. I made a box from the rectangle tool and added the word “hippo” when I was done I picked out all the colors I thought would look good and my hippo was finished.

Freeze Cola

In this project I used the soda can template to make my own brand of soda. Once I got my theme of ice/Freeze I put a frozen background for the wrap of the can. Then I designed my own logo and stuck them on both sides.Then I put icicles on the top and bottom of the can for effect. Some tools I used to accomplish this was the magic wand tool, multiply, and ctrl T. When I was done with the design of the can I embedded a background that fit my theme.

HomeRun Rootbeer

In this project I learned about working with the 3D selection in photoshop. Using the soda can template, I started adding in other images with transparent backgrounds. I made the background for the can, then I added the baseball player along with highlighted letters. I warped and arched the letters to fit the can. Then I added the nutrition facts and the barcode and put multiply so the white would be gone. Then embedded the wood plank and scoreboard for the background of the soda can.

Clock Animation

In this project I not only continued my learning in animation on photoshop, I also learned how to construct an animation. Using shapes and the ruler tool I made a clock. I used an arrow for the hand and ellipse shape for the clock and other details. Using Alt – Shift – T I duplicated the arrows to point at every spot and then I put them into frames. After I hid and added a new arrow in each frame so when you press play it looks like a clock moving.

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